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Safer Method Of Scaffolding Moves Closer
17Sep 2012

Celtic Scaffolding have been developing a new method of scaffolding works that will considerably reduce time spent working at height. One of our current systems will completely eliminate time spent working higher than 2 meters. Our plans moved one step closer this week with the design approval of an integral component.

"Reducing Risks, Whilst Adding Value”

Celtic Scaffolding is aiming to have our new method approved for use by February 2013. It’s exciting times. Our dedicated and innovative teams have been working hard; planning and designing working. This new system could reduce risk in the scaffolding industry, and could reduce man hours spent working with risk by hundreds of thousands of hours.

This new system has the capacity to be built hundreds of meters high with potentially huge risk reducing potential and could be used in new build construction projects, ship building, and shut down and maintenance projects.

Celtic Scaffolding are proud of our STEER Strategy. Our dynamic and innovative teams are dedicated to reducing risks, whilst adding value.

If you need a safer, efficient and practical solution, why not contact our team to see how we have a positive impact and add value on your project.

Celtic Admin
07 November 2012


Thanks for your comments.  We’re pretty excited about it too.  The system is progressing to plans. 

We will keep you updated


john simpson
05 November 2012

Dear celtic

Having been in the scaffolding world for over 40 years working both in the uk and around the world i must say i am very keen and slightly excited as to what this component it that will allow scaffold to be built hundreds of meters high from 2 meters off the ground. when is this new component due to be release???

Happy Scaffy Simmo

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