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Mastclimber Projects
15Oct 2012

These 2 projects are just some of the mastclimber solutions created by Celtic Scaffolding.

30m Post Tensioned Concrete Silo
This solution saw 30m of mast being erected in one piece to expedite the process.

MCWP was deployed to enable concrete silo to be post stressed.  The installation was the safest and most expedient option for the project and all works were fully engineered in house by Celtic Scaffolding's structural design engineers

120m Chimney Stack Project
2 x single mastclimbers were profiled to provide 360 degree access to install pre-fabricated chimney elements.

Project required 2 x 120m chimneys to be erected, both installations were completed in a record time of 18 days.

01 January 2013

Good points all aornud. Truly appreciated.

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